Jamaica Kincaid’s Interviews

Interviews or Discussions with/about Kincaid

10 Questions for Author Jamaica Kincaid” (Oprah.com)

In the March 2013 issue of O Magazine, Leigh Haber and the Oprah.com staff compiled a list of 10 questions to ask Kincaid ranging from whether her works are autobiographical, the influence of her mother on her writing, and where her love of gardening began.

Time Rules In Jamaica Kincaid’s New Novel, ‘See Now Then’” (NPR)

On March 3, 2013, the All Things Considered team interviewed Kincaid to promote her then new book See Now Then. They asked her about the book’s narrative, the themes of the book, and how her life is drawn in the novel.

“Jamaica Kincaid on writing and ‘outlaw American’ culture”  (USA Today)

On March 7, 2013, Nathan Rostron and “Bookish” interviewed Kincaid to talk about See Now Then, as well as Kincaid’s very literature, what books inspire her writing, and her views on immigration.

12 Reasons Why Writer Jamaica Kincaid Is A Total Badass” (The Huffington Post)

On October 24, 2014, Senior Reporter Joseph Erbentraut, provided 12 reasons why Kincaid is a “total badass”. The reasons are:

  • She’s humble
  • She doesn’t take life too seriously
  • She saves her nice side for students
  • She has no need for social media
  • She still loves literary classics such as Moby Dick
  • She doesn’t hesitate to address haters
  • She doesn’t appreciate labels
  • She doesn’t hesitate to speak on race
  • She’s good with changing her mind
  • She believes there are dumb questions
  • She’s got a sense of humor
  • She doesn’t care about noise or distractions

“Our Sassy Black Friend” Jamaica Kincaid“(Mother Jones)

For the January/February 2013 Mother Jones issue, Hannah Levintova interviewed Kincaid at her office at Claremont-McKenna College. They discussed See Now Then, her shortcomings as a mother, converting to Judaism, and how she was briefly a backup singer for a celebrity drag queen.

Jamaica Kincaid: People say I’m angry because I’m black and I’m a woman” (The American Reader/Salon.com)

On May 5, 2013, Alyssa Loh of The American Reader covered an interview at the World Voices Festival of International Literature. They discussed a variety of topics from mythology to race.

Does Truth Have a Tone?” (Guernica Magazine)

On June 17, 2013, Lauren K. Alleyne interviewed Kincaid about her writing, how she differentiates anger versus truth, race, and her latest novel, See Now Then.


In July 2003, Robert Birnbaum interviewed Kincaid at her home in Bennington, VT. They discuss parental responsibilities and how they vary, her interests in X-Men, The Matrix and Eminem, and more.



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